Version 12 .1


New POGO Modules - Purchase Order APPROVAL On The Go

  • POGO - Single Voter Mode - Allow to Edit Ordered Quantities

  • POGO - Recalculate PO total when Item Edits  

  • POGO - Added Controls and Notification for Vendor Min Order Cost

New REports

  • New Sell Thru Inventory Reports ST001 - ST007

  • New Vendor Catalog Report

  • Consolidated Polling Status Report

  • PO Status with Voting Record(s)

  • PO Approval Internal PO support detail of who approved and when

Schedule Suggested Transfers

  • Added ability to schedule Scheduled Transfers to run on specific days/times/services

New Tickets with Colors-On-The-Fly

  • New Ticket design to support the “color-on-the fly” Color Name


POGO - Display on page of status made more clear

Vendor Form Redesigned improved speed to open

Improved Simphony 2 On Property Interface for DataBases with Multi-Instance

Smashed some bugs