Five New POS Interfaces in Development

Over the past 26 years we have authored numerous POS interfaces to our inventory back office software. The previous peak of our output  was in 1999, when we shipped four new POS interfaces. 1999 marked the near zenith of the the dot com bubble. I recall I was regularly talking to investors, venture capitalists, and  piloting a  leased airplane around the country. Times were good.

Y2K issues also peaked in 1999, so we got to ride the need for software that was  2000 savvy and replaced some systems that were stuck in 1999 land.

From 2000 - 2010 we typically had one or two new POS partners join us each year; however, during the last two years (read as "during the recession") we authored only one new interface - the two way integration to the Microsoft Dynamics RMS POS system.

During November 2010 the market moved and new partnership opportunities sprang forward. We currently have  FIVE new POS interfaces in development.

They are in alphabetical order:

  1. Book4Time
  2. MICROS,  Simphony 1.5
  3. Squirrel Systems
  4. Transaction Data Systems - Rx30
  5. Vivonet - Halo

We welcome our new partnerships and look forward to a long relationship with each company.

As a measurement of economic health, I suggest that you add a new economic indicator  to your existing list that may have previously included such mundane items as: new housing starts, same-store sales, and weekly jobless claims. Add the DataWorks-POS-Work-in-Progress (DWPOSWIP for short) to your important economic metrics.

So,  is the recession over?  From our point of view -  YES!