The 3-T's : Taxes, Tenders and Tellers

What is DataWorks process and analysis on point of sale taxation, tender definition and teller configuration? The broad concept that we work under is that "Taxes, Tenders and Tellers" are not created and managed by our Retail Back Office System; instead, we map to the 3-T data that is defined at the individual POS system.

Defining Taxation at an abstract layer - Taxable, Non-Taxable, Luxury Apparel, Food, etc; and communicating that to the POS rather than a specific 6.0%, 7.5% or X.X%, has given DataWorks users the agility to deal with tax holidays like Back-To-School.

Managing the complexities of local taxing authorities is a task we have defined inside our R&D track. Of all the Point of Sale systems we interface to, the Microsoft POS 2009 has a structure that closely mimics our centralized design concepts for Multiple Federal, State, County and City taxes.

Based on market demand for POS 2009, we may implement a global integration and distribution for this in a later version of our Smart-Spoke Interface.