Version 12 .1


New POGO Modules - Purchase Order APPROVAL On The Go

  • POGO - Single Voter Mode - Allow to Edit Ordered Quantities

  • POGO - Recalculate PO total when Item Edits  

  • POGO - Added Controls and Notification for Vendor Min Order Cost

New REports

  • New Sell Thru Inventory Reports ST001 - ST007

  • New Vendor Catalog Report

  • Consolidated Polling Status Report

  • PO Status with Voting Record(s)

  • PO Approval Internal PO support detail of who approved and when

Schedule Suggested Transfers

  • Added ability to schedule Scheduled Transfers to run on specific days/times/services

New Tickets with Colors-On-The-Fly

  • New Ticket design to support the “color-on-the fly” Color Name


POGO - Display on page of status made more clear

Vendor Form Redesigned improved speed to open

Improved Simphony 2 On Property Interface for DataBases with Multi-Instance

Smashed some bugs

Version 12


New POGO Modules - Purchase Order APPROVAL On The Go

  • Purchase Order Approval Email Notification System
  • Web based Purchase Order Approval / Voting Module

New B2B Vendor Catalog imports methods 

  • These new methods can take multiple formats of data and import the vendor catalog on a schedule

New Interface to Silverware POS

  • A two-way interface to update Silverware POS with items and capture sales information

F & B inventory item conversion method

  • Added new methods to convert F & B data into the application from legacy systems 

Ability to create a Quick Physical import file from cycle count excel worksheet

  • This is a method to take an exported cycle count report with added counts in excel and convert to a file for import into the quick physical form


Simple Receiving Form:  enhancements for ease of use 


Printer Dialog improvements

Smashed some bugs



  • This is a new optional form
  • Employee Access defines which form to use 
  • Single Store Receipts 
  • There are limited fields 
    • 1 - Basic Header Details, with Internal Notes
    • 2 - Complete or Cancel
    • 3 - Items Details, No Cost, No Retail 

Vendor Product List Report 

  • Lists only all active items from one Vendor 
  • Access is on the More tab of the Purchase Order 

Additional Cost Age Reports 

New Interface to ResortSuite POS

New Interface to Agilysis - GolfPro POS


Additional Purchase Order numbering options 

Employee Rights Restrictions:

  • Ability to assign a Purchase Order Number - default only Administrators level allowed
Employee Rights  Edit PO Checkbox - Disabled.png


  • Ability to control Order date
PO Order Date Choices.png

Employee Definitions:

  • Ability to create Users from the Employee Form - Streamlines entry 

  • Employee Product Save Last Search Option - default off

Smashed some bugs


New Features

  • On the Fly Colors
    • Buyers can now define ad-hoc colors matching a Manufacturer's seasonal whims without being restricted by the highly despised Color Palette system. Red can now be called Turbo. Blue becomes Azure.
  • Price Control - Price Plan Matrix
    • New ability to globally update retail prices by Price Plans.
    • Allows Stores to be thematically grouped by region, floor plan, or demographic.
  • POS Audit
    • System now assembles a to-do list of problem SKUs and Menu Items.
    • Retail Items that were “unknown” can now be audited and corrected. 
    • F&B system can not teach DataWorks about menu items that where created on the POS system first
  • Purchase Order Additions
    • Retooling of Totals 
    • Defining a New Product allows defining Quantities ordered too.
    • Re-allocation by Facility
      • Allocation to two or more facilities, assists buyer in pre-allocation.
  • Inventory Period Analysis
    • Cumulative, This Year and Last Year Sales comparison.
    • Period Analysis On-Screen Display
  • Faster and more Bulletproof Transactions
    • Data now saves 20 percent faster than previous versions.
    • A broader safety net for transactional data when Network or Servers Fail



  • Physical Inventory
    • Lots of Upload Batches would slow Screen scrolling
    • We found a way to save your edits faster.
    • GL Journal entries now compensate for small rounding issues caused by variations in system versus company currency.
    • Validation export form has more options for selecting items.
  • Purchase Orders
    • PO numbers using G/L Dept or Facility Name had format problem.
    • Some PO validation was holding up approval process – tests moved up to awaiting status.
    • Archived Templates no longer are available in selection pick list.
    • Now prevents all Facilities from being removed from allocation list.
    • Numerous tooltip messages corrected.
  • Transfers
    • Sped up logic that determines if a consume when received item needs to be sold.
    • Fixed Kick-start issues that would cause queuing service to lock up.
    • Requisitions with deleted items, caused problems with Transfer fulfillment
  • Receiving
    • Corrected Interaction being a Receipt being voided and a PO being altered at same time
    • Addressed an issue with Receipt refreshing data from a PO with deleted lines
    • Fixed code that allowed a queued receipt to be cancelled properly
  • Product Input
    • Deleting Manufacturer and then exiting the System without saving, now recovers gracefully.
    • Prevent the system from defining unique units of measurement on SKU’s defined by Color and Size.
    • Sped up POS Language and POS SLU forms by removing cumbersome filters.
  • POS Interfaces
    • Weighted Items were being sent twice to the POS System
    • Flex Grid report no longer duplicates pages of data
    • Addressed issues with FTP file transfers




  • Added Estimate Cost to Requisitions
  • Suggested Orders are now filtered by Employee Access
  • Suggested Orders has link to PO’s created
  • Suggested Orders added better Vendor Product filtering ability
  • Ticket Batches are now filtered by Employee access
  • New Property concept created and linked to Facilities
  • Enhanced Ingredient Input to allow Recipe within a Recipe input
  • Refactored Receipts to Allow Unit of Measurement Changes
  • Bug Fixes


  • Added Property List Report
  • Inventory reports status report groups added new status for all but archived
  • New Receipt & Returns report RS002 Groups by Facility
  • New Transfer Picklist report to filter zero on hand for locations
  • Enhanced Aging Analysis for C004 & C005 Inventory reports


  • POS Interfaces Micros 9700, Simphony 1and 2 now have near real time sales
  • New Customer Discount ability added to Micros 9700, Simphony 1 and 2
  • New Detail Sales with Customer data now available for 9700 and Simphony 1





  •  New Help System

    • Built into the Software Application reduced file size

    • Secure Web based responsive design version 

  • The Data-O-Meter 

    •  Sends communication securely to DataWorks Support automatically when there is an interruption to the services running

  • Reports, Reports, Reports

    • Standard Sales Reports

      • Summary Sales by Hour and Day of Week (six new reports)* 

      • Summary by Company

    • Best Worst Sales Reports

    • Detail Product Mix by SubClass (two new reports)

  • POS Language support for Arabic and Japanese

  • Manufacturer - ability to make inactive 


  • Rewrite of MICROS Simphony 1 POS interface with full support for Enterprise and Property configurations - without use of eGateWay.

    • Property - New form used with Micros Enterprise POS systems. It allows another level of hierarchy for enterprise systems.

  • Bug Fixes


*Dependent on POS interfaces providing hourly data



No more... Waiting. Hand-off and Queue Transactions for Transfer Out, In, Receipts, and One Step PO’s.

Instead of watching a thermometer bar inch across the screen, DataWorks now allows you to queue your transaction so numbers are crunched in the digital background. That means you are free to enjoy a cup of coffee, dive into another transaction, or read our fantastic help doc.

Suggested Transfers. Scheduled and Auto-Magical.

Suggested Transfers can now be scheduled to run and prepare all it’s work during the middle of night, rather than pushing buttons and waiting for things to happen during the daylight hours.

Go! Faster! Purchase Order Input!

We put your data on a diet, stuck our code on a treadmill, and kept training our routines until we cut the data entry time in half. It is very obvious when entering products with many colors and sizes.

System echos its heartbeat to DataWorks.

Each system is now equipped with a heart monitor that lets DataWorks triage team know if your autonomic systems are firing on all neurons. For instance, if sales are not importing, we are notified. We will know before you even knew, that our know-it-all’s with the know-how fixed a new issue. Wait, what just happened?

Inventory Report. Facility List Filter.

You loved in on the Sales Reports system. You have asked for it many times. Here is it, now appearing in all of its glory - the Facility List Filter, where you can group your stores together in any joyful combination that you might desire.

More document control.

We added support so that your expert user can reconfigure the requisition, fulfillment and retail adjustment (you might call them markdowns) documents. Your expert already had access to transfers, purchases and receipts, this feature lets them tweak all the knobs.

Real Time Inventory Exports. To Cache or Not to Cache. That is the question.

A couple years ago we came up with a very clever technique for polling thousands of individual stores during a single end of business day window. (Thats right, DataWorks is polling 1000’s of stores at one time) The solution was really quite brilliant, but it overlooked talking to a single store in real time. Opps. Our bad. Our new JSON Web service interface can work in near real time (like every 120 seconds) and the clever technique for polling thousand of stores at a time was getting in the way of its agility to pass new information out to our web service. So this build fixes that. If you are polling 100’s or 1000’s of stores in batch we can do that, and if you need to communicate in real time it can do that too.

MICROS Simphony 2. Oracle DB supported too.

We were first to market with our on property Simphony 2 interface. This was a big deal because there was (is) no Import API for that system. (Just to be clear, Oracle does have an API for Exports, just not one for updating menu items. And since we are in the updating menu item business, we created our own API). Our first install with Simphony 2 was back in March 2015. It has been run perfectly importing menu items and exporting sales. Our new version supports the Oracle database. Which makes lots of sense if you are Oracle and you bought MICROS for lots of cents.



Bug Fixes





  • PO Altering and Substitution Post-Approval / Mid-Receiving

  • Estimated Landed Cost can be applied to GL Exports.

  • Employee Rights

    • Rule to prevent PO and Requisition template deletion

    • Rules for PO alter

  • New Run Sales Audit Review form

  • New Inventory Report

    • D019 - Detail On-Hand, On-Order & Sales Sorted by Cost OnHand

    • C011 - Consolidated OnHd, OO & Sales by MFR, SubClass w/Variance

  • New Sales Reports

    • New Comparative Reports

      1. Options to include current On-Hand and On-Order quantity

      2. Group 3 by Product, includes Product Description

    • New Best Worst Reports

      1. 18 New Top ‘N’ by SKU Sales Reports

      2. 18 New Top ‘N’ by Product Sales Reports


  • Removed automatic sales audit from startup.

  • POS Interface: On Property Simphony I POS

  • MICROS Interface Enhancements

  • Changed POS exports to perform work on local temp directory rather than server directory

  • New SKU form with hyperlinks instead of grids. 

  • Redesigned the Facility form with sections and regrouped fields



  • POS Interface: On Property Simphony II POS
  • POS Interface: SkyWire POS
  • Margin Plan with Relaxed Warning Range
  • Additional PO Input Option: Single Sku of a Product
  • Case Breaks and Master Stock
  • Food/Liquor Prep Modifiers
  • Restaurant Menu Configurator
    • Multiple Menus 
    • Unique Menu Pricing
  • Interface to IBM Cognos Business Intelligence System


  • Faster Inventory Form
  • Transfer In: Cleaner and Faster Look Ups
  • Chart of Account Numbers: Increased Length
  • Bug Fixes


Version Jack 8.19


  • POS Interface : Supports Oracle | Micros Simphony II 
  • Ticket Batches: New Batches auto-fill in printer fields from last printed batch
  • Purchase Order: Added Fast Add Button to Main PO Form
  • Fast Add Product:  
    • Create Multiple Products Before Saving to PO
    • Able to copy product that was created with Fast Add
  • Transfer Out: 
    • Transaction re-write
      • Line item saving
      •  Background saving for computers with multiprocessors
      • Kickstart option 
    • Re-allocation of locations when Zero OnHand 
  • Transfer In: 
    • Transaction re-write
      • Line item saving
      •  Background saving for computers with multiprocessors
      • Kickstart option
    • Filters for Employee Access
  • Reports: 
    • Market Basket Receiving Report, comparative report
    • Consolidated Inventory Report, sorted by cost


  • Product Form: Search [magnifying glass icon] saves last search
  • Enhanced Snap Shot 
  • Suggested Transfers: Suggested Transfer (Only if Item Exists)
  • Transfer Hopper: preserve Qty’s during facility adds
  • Updated all reports to behave the same for printing / exporting
  • Improved Error Messaging Service
  • Transfer Hopper.  Start a transfer from a warehouse on the Product Form

  • GL Exports

    • Company Currency

    • Manual vs Real Time

    • New Find Form

  • Materials Management Consume When by Received Facility Definition 

  • Suggested Order 

    • UI and Calculations

  • In Application Tricoder Upload Interface for Fat Clients and Tricoder ver. LT-51

  • AP Invoice, Ability to Approve when distributions and receipts are differ from invoice due to rounding from thousandths or ten-thousandths. 

Version Jack 8.14

  • Scheduled Reports 

  • Faster PO Pick List Input

  • Quick Physical Reports

    • Currency of Facility

  • Financial Snapshots

    • Utility and Report

  • Multiple Inventory Daily Summary 

    • Facility Level Service

    • Master Review Form

  • New OTB Reports

    • Facility by Period

    • Moving Period

  • Vendor Product Changes Templates

    • Order UOM Cascade

    • Archive Status = Remove from PO

  • Faster Save More PO Input

  • PO Approval Form

  • POS Polling via FTP

  • SLU Retooling 

    • SLU creation link on Product Form

    • Support for Long and Short SLU Descriptions

    • Auto Propagation to SLU with Smart Abbreviation Logic

  • Vendor Product Status Viewable

  • Smarter Upgrade Process

  • Archived PO’s filtered out of normal PO Search.

  • New Reports

    • Warehouse Report with Location Qty Query

    • Vendor Product Cost Alerts Reports

  • Purchase Order enhancement - smart grid entry

  • Inventory status auto change on end of Promo 

  • Create inventory digital allocation easier 

  • Last Edit and Add date now on Product search form 

  • Unarchive items uploaded on a Physical Inventory 

  • Rework documents for easier reading 

  • Speed up of transfers

  • Custom Field Layout on the PO form. This allows expert users to select which columns of descriptive data they would like displayed on the PO Detail section. This tailoring of the form has a default by Vendor that allows Food and Beverage Input to look and feel different than a retail or general supply PO.

  • Sort and Re-Number  functionality on the Purchase Order form. With this new feature, a PO template or original PO can be sorted and grouped based on criteria selected by a user. This is helpful for large food orders where grouping items together by category or storage method is helpful for the vendor as well as the receiving crew.

  • Save More functionality on the PO form. This feature was the number one request  from our customers. This feature grants increased productivity while creating Purchase Orders on the fly, and allows for faster heads down data input. Everyone in our user population that does purchase order entry will benefit from this feature.

  • More Look-up Methods are now available during PO Input. These include look ups by Vendor Description, SKU and Bar-code.

  • Faster Inventory Creation. We cut the time needed to create an inventory item in half, plus we added a matrix form that allows you to visually select which outlets or warehouses you want to define the inventory in. This was a feature whose idea came from our support and training staff. Customers will enjoy this feature since it allows much greater control and fewer keystrokes to create inventory in desired outlets.  This feature will be a big benefit to our entire customer base.

  • Unit of Measurement equivalents for converting an ingredient from weight to volume or units to weight or volume. This new functionality even allows for unique conversions for preparation methods (i.e. diced, sliced, cubed, etc). This feature is a big benefit to our Food and Beverage customers.

  • Currency, currency and more multiple currency features. Reports now automatically select which currency values should be displayed. Based on the the outlets that  are selected, the report system will standardize the data and give consistent revenue, cost and gross profit. In addition, the product and inventory forms now have clearer labels about what currency values are being displayed. This greatly benefits our multinational customers who have revenue centers in more than one country.

Version 7 

  • New Wrapper to separately maintain Retail, Food and Supplies Products.
  • New Menu to Review Archived Products
  • New Lock / Unlock of  Cost and Retail Controls
  • Standardization of Product Attributes to enable control for Retail, Food, Supplies or Global access.
  •  Taxable Purchases setup for Supplies
  • Catch Weight definition for Food
  • Sysco 832 EDI order guide import
  • Vendor Product EDI Linking / Unlinking capacity
  • Vendor Product to Manufacturer product creation.

Purchase Orders:

  • Reusable Templates for Shopping List and Common Reorders grouped by employee access
  • The Ship To Facility was freed from Employee Access rights.
  • Added Search for Outlets allocated on a purchase order(s)
  • Suppress need for Retail Input for Food and Supply vendors
  • Ability to define Catch Weights for One-Step PO's
  • New Internal and External Documents that specify Order, Pack and Weight units
  • Search Option for Input Method (i.e. Manual, Suggested, Requisition, or EDI Import)
  • Email PO to Vendor option


  • Catch Weight Input
  • Automatic and Manual Tax Calculation
  • Addition Landed Cost Calculation
  • Suppress Need of Retail Input for Food and Supply Vendors
  • Posting to Accounts payable distribution enhanced to smoothly round to two decimals

Physical Inventory

  • Initialization of Physical Counts HUGE speed increase. Example: 30 minutes now 5 minutes.


  • Enhanced Selection Ability
  • Added Previewer with multiple selector
  • Added Hand held interface for uploads

Requisitions and Fulfillment

  • Default "Work For" Facility by Employee
  • Reusable Templates by Employee Access Group
  • Support for Hand Held Uploads
  • Sort Options for details
  • Debugged Store Specific Requisition Option when From Facility is a Warehouse
  •  Date Needed Always Calculated - not just for Events
  • Allow Fulfillment options to be re-evaluated by Warehouse staff's Employee Access rights
  • Start Fulfillment form with a Find form
  • Loosen  Requisition rules to allow more liberal submitting
  • Changed Transfer Specific Option for Transfer From Facility to be free from Employee Access


  • Warehouse Location Reports (D013 and D014)
  • Consolidation Report C001,002, and 003 dynamically display number of decimals for fractional food and supplies
  • Detail Sales reports DCOG01-09 compare base, landed and theoretical cost of goods.
  • Barcode label printing  for Warehouse locations


  • Base, Net, Landed, Center of Plate and Theoretical Cost of Goods now saved for historical reporting.
  • MICROS Symophony POS  support
  • Added Zip file options for packaging multiple export files into a fix or unique file name
  • RX30 POS support
  • Book4Time POS Support
  • Version 3.0 of AP and GL exports support single flatten csv file format.
  • Version 3.1 of AP export supports all optional PO User Defined Attributes


  • Input for Product No and Description are now "Contains " rather than "Begins With"
  • Verify Barcode export to hand helds for Receiving and  Transfer Ins
  • Sped up access routines associated with adding a new facility