NeXT Ver. 3.0 Staged to Ship

Development of the Version began on Oct. 11, 2005. It is packed with new features and user-requested enhancements.NeXT SandFlea Logo Click here to read the release notes.

"Sandflea is about user productivity. We listened to our users' challenges, and then totally re-engineered the day-to-day forms. We tackled visual design issues such as screen clutter, information grouping, and visual clarity, plus we sought reductions in keystrokes and mouse movements," stated DataWorks CEO, Mark Cecil.

"Next we ripped into speed issues. We timed each form with a stop watch, if it took longer than 3 seconds to load we dove into the inner workings of the data and we evaluated what data was needed when -- that gave birth to hyperlinks to access related data," continued Cecil. DataWorks, Inc announced that Version 3.0 of NeXT - code named "SandFlea" will ship in the first quarter of 2007

"In addition, this version has some great new features including Retail Markdowns, a Recipe sub-system for our food customers, and Employee Access Policies that are part of our Enterprise Model.

"This is a big release. The code name 'Sandflea' suggests something quite small and miniscule - but our users are receiving the most significant changes to the user interface since we shipped NeXT 6 years ago," finished Cecil.

Plans for DataWorks' following version, "Scaled Sardine," are already being drawn out. Scaled Sardine will include additional barcode hand-held support and a top-down Budgeting system. "That's not the complete scope," said Cecil. "We have a lot more enhancements and surprises planned. What's life without a surprise or two?"