Physical Inventory - The Movie

DataWorks' customer service group has produced and released an animated documentary movie on Physical Inventory functions for its flagship product NeXT. Mining through the hundreds of support calls that are fielded on Physical Inventory functions, the group produced a 21-minute documentary that allows users to review, remember and relearn aspects of the system that are commonly forgotten or are confusing.

"Our customers are great, but let's face it, if you only do a full phyiscal once a year, you are going to forget things. Add some sleep deprivation from an all-night count, plus fold in a Type-A Controller or GM needing the numbers yesterday, and you got all the ingredients for a full-course meal of stress," said Matthew Kellas the animated flick's co-producer.

"The Movie was designed with the end user in mind," stated Lynn Thomas, the short's other co-producer. "We understand that our clients have questions concerning the process and we wanted to give them a way to get questions answered while having some fun. The characters in the movie each put a different spin on their topic. I believe you will find the movie is informative and you will be find yourself anxious to see who will be the next character and what they will cover."

The piece concludes with a survey that allows the end-user to critique the film. Feedback from the user community will help direct future DataWorks productions.