We walk the talk. At DataWorks, we know logistics, food and beverage, retail… everything that goes into making today’s restaurants, stores, hospitals, hotels, and entertainment venues run and run well.


Who Uses DataWorks


Theme Parks



Hotel Chains

Resort Chains


Gift Shops

Restaurant Chains

Aquariums & Zoos

Stadiums & Arenas

Specialty Retailers


Independent Hotels

Sports Clubs



And we don’t know this stuff because we’ve read up on it or watched online videos. Nope. We know it because we’ve rolled up our sleeves and gotten our hands dirty in storerooms and warehouses, on show floors, in cafes, in lobbies. 

Our incomparable experience has led us to develop a comprehensive back office procurement and inventory management system that doesn’t cut corners or limit your capabilities.

We know that you may be juggling multiple enterprise-class facilities or need to-the-letter tracking for a single storefront. Point of sale, materials management, warehouse, accounting system integration—any way you slice it, DataWorks has you covered.