Part & Parcel—Materials Management

The right supplies can only contribute to your success if they’re in the right location. The DataWorks Materials Management module helps you quickly address requisitions and ordering along with delivery of materials and supplies to internal departments and outlets. You can achieve on-time delivery from one or more warehouses or stockrooms while maintaining true landed costs and taxes and keeping your supply inventory separate from your retail inventory. The module also handles taxable purchases and the cost accounting for sales tax liabilities. 


Gain complete control of your supplies, food, retail items, etc. through comprehensive warehouse management. Create specific areas within a facility for receiving, cross- docking, locating and physical inventory, so you can track material by location. This module allows multiple SKUs per bin and multiple bins per SKU to match the way you store goods. 



 Make sure you can meet customer demand, every time. This module provides stock planning and suggested fulfilment for purchase orders, transfers and requisitions. You can set minimum/maximum thresholds, automatically trigger draft purchase orders and create requisitions from warehouses to all other locations. 

Import / EDI 

 Seasonal items and other frequent vendor catalog changes can result in time-consuming data entry for buyers, especially enterprise organizations. Streamline your efforts by entering the new information in a pre-formatted Excel spreadsheet and having DataWorks instantly create your products. You can also choose direct electronic data import (EDI) from your vendors to manage pricing and purchase orders. Either way, it’s faster and easier to order new products with all the heavy lifting done. 

Accounting AP/GL

Avoid the need for double entries and the risk of human error with our vendor data imports and AP/GL exports for third-party accounting systems. Accounts payable invoices and general ledger entries flow directly into LawsonTM, Solomon®, DynamicsTM, Informix® and others. This module reflects credits and debits from inventory assets and AP liabilities, and it updates your income statements, revenue, cost of goods and expense accounts.