ARMS End of Life

At the 2008 Users Conference, DataWorks CEO Mark Cecil announced the end of life for DataWorks maiden product ARMS. First shipped in 1986, ARMS has had a long, distinguished career. Its resume includes being first deployed on AT-class PCs. It also saw deployment on SCO Xenix, early peer-to-peer LANs such as Invisible LAN, followed by stints with Novell and Windows 95.

The product saw its last major improvements for Y2K, with the final maintenance upgrades shipping in 2001.

Some ARMS users have already migrated to NeXT, but many users still utilize ARMS features and the DOS interface to this day.

But DataWorks' new product, NeXT, has surpassed ARMS in functionality and usability, and it is time to retire the old seasoned product and replace it with DataWorks' second generation product. Aug 1, 2009 will be the last day any ARMS modules will be sold.

March 1, 2010 will be ARMS last day of support

Registered ARMS users can convert to NeXT at no charge for the software.

Training and project management for NeXT are time consuming and require professional services from DataWorks in order to implement the conversion.

DataWorks offers group training session for organizatons wanting to convert to NeXT at a cost less than a typical private training project.