NeXT v6 Feature List

We are so excited about the upcoming release of NeXT v6 (code name, "Scaled Sardine"), that we wanted to publish the current feature and enhancements of the version. Version 6 is about "new" and "improved" functionality, functionality, functionality.

Hey, did we mention functionality? Wait till you see all the features...


Work in Progress -------------------

Retail Adjustments

  • Allow Global Markdowns
  • Allow Corrections
  • Allow Temporary Promotional Pricing

Requisitions and Fulfillment


  • Allow Pull Inventory Requests
  • Restricted to Employee Access
  • Fulfillment Options to Include Warehouse Supply List and OnHand Filters
  • Fulfillment Ability to Create Multiple Transfers/Purchase Orders
  • Fulfillment Ability to Merge with Existing Transfers/Purchase Orders in Draft Status

Suggested Orders

  • Ability to Create Multiple Purchase Orders
  • Options Include Data Driven and Customizable Replenishment Engine

Open To Buy and Budgeting

  • Ability to Create Plans Filtered by Employee Access
  • Supports Roll Ups by Facility
  • Supports Roll Ups by SubClass
  • Supports Various Calendar Models Including 5-4-4 Weeks, 12 or 13 Periods with Support for 52 and 53 Week Years
  • Supports 1 or More Historical Years for Planning Comparisons
  • User Interface Supports MS-Excel Interaction with Planning Data

Import Mapping

  • New Import for Inventory Supporting Price Changes
  • New Import for Purchase Orders
  • New Import for Chart of Accounts
  • New Import for Vendors
  • Supports Various File Layouts Which Can Be Mapped to System Required Fields


Quick Physical Inventory

  • Complete Rewrite of Physical Inventory Form. Simpler ~ Faster
  • Ability to Count Store Items by Section
  • Added New Quick Physical Reports
  • Improved Report Query User Interface. Added New Options.
  • Added Ability to Query Variance Reports by "Not Equal To" Value
  • Faster GL Posting for Physical Inventory

Sales Reports

  • Created New Sales Flex Report Query User Interface. User Selects Fields for Report
  • Added Ability to Save Sales Reports for "Private or Shared" Use Within Employee Access Group
  • Sales Report Views Now Deal with Large Queries Exceeding 2.1G
  • Added New Options to Sales Report Query System
    • Ability to Query Sales by MFR Report List (Ad Hoc)
    • Ability to Query Sales by MFR Report Group
    • Ability to Query Sales by SubClass Report List (Ad Hoc)
  • Created New Sales Comparative Report Query User Interface. User Selects Dates and Values to Compare
  • Created New Best Worst Sales Report Query User Interface with Additional Reports

Hand Held Interface

  • New Hand Held Upload Interface
  • Supports Multiple Uploads Per Transaction
  • Supports Voiding Prior to Upload
  • Supports Logistic Barcodes
  • Supports Optional Warehouse Locations in Physicals, Transfers and Receiving
  • Available with Receiving, Transfers, Physicals, Purchase Orders and Retail Adjustments

Product Form

  • Added Lookup by SKU to Product Find Form
  • Improved User Interface
  • Improved Load Time and Speed of Form
  • Added Hyperlinks on Main Form to Link to Configuration Options
  • Added Support for Logistic Barcodes
  • Changed Method for Creating Multiple UOM SKUs
  • Added Ability to Edit MSRP from Hyperlink
  • Added Ability to Re-Ticket Items from Hyperlink
  • Added Ability to Define Sales Prices and Promotional Prices from Hyperlink
  • Added Ability to jump to Purchase Order Form via a Hyperlink on Column Header of Purchase Order List
  • Added Ability to jump to Inventory Item Form via a Hyperlink on Column Header of Inventory Item List

Stock Ledger

  • Now Includes Markdowns by Day
  • Now Includes POS Discounts by Day
  • Now Evaluates if Transactions Were Before System Start Date and Re-Calculates End of Day Values
  • Product Stock Ledger Summary Retail Values are Now Normalized for System Currency

Food Product Form

  • Ability to Define if a Product is Consumed when Sold or Received in Outlet
  • Ability to Define a Recipe from a Product Form
  • Ability to Define Menu Prices (Breakfast, Lunch, Happy Hour, Dinner) for Food Menu Items
  • Added Yields
  • Added Catch Weights

Recipe Form

  • Rewritten to Accommodate Multiple Portions
  • Volume Unit Equivalents
  • Recipe UOM for Weight to Volume (density) conversions
  • Portions Calculations
  • Tare Weight for Portions


Ticket Printing

  • Added Ticket Type Override for Facility
  • Added Faster Input Method

Manufacturer Form

  • Added Manufacturer Report Group
  • Added Ad-Hoc Report Lists
  • Added Flag to Auto Add Multiple Vendors to New Products
  • Gave User Interface a New Look

Vendor Type Form

  • Added Major Type (i.e. Retail, Food, Beverage)

Vendor Form

  • Added Field for "No Retail Price Needed" on PO Form

Vendor Product Form

  • Added Column for Comparing Multiple Vendors, UOM, and Currency Prices

SubClass Form

  • Gave User Interface New Look
  • Added UOM Type Selection
  • Added SubClass Major Type (i.e. Retail, Food, Prep, Beverage)
  • Added Ad-Hoc Report Lists
  • Added Option to Allow Unique Menu Item Ranges for Food SubClasses
  • Added Food Cost % vs. Margin for Food vs. Retail SubClasses

SLU Menu Form

  • Ability to view SLUs by Facility
  • Ability to view Menu Items with Prices Linked to a SLU

Facility Hierarchy Form

  • Gave User Interface a New Look for Readability

Facility Form

  • Updated User Interface with a New Look
  • Added Fields for Facility Type and Outlet Type
  • Added Field for "Guest Forecast" for Outlets
  • Added Field for "Outlet Closed Until"

Transfer Out Form

  • Added Smart Grid Input
  • Added UMA Hand Held Upload
  • Added Quick Delete
  • Added New Custom Find Form

Transfer Pick List

  • Remembers Pick Facility by User
  • Allows Selection of Pick List
  • Added Additional Pick List Document (v5)

Unit of Measure (Base and Types)

  • Added Base Unit Which Globally Defines UOM Types and Product UOMs
  • Base Units Defined as Count, Weight, Volume or Dimension
  • Added UOM Type to SubClass Form
  • Product Input Limited to UOM Types for Given SubClass

Purchase Order Form

  • Company Field Has Smarter Fill In Based on Employee Access Rights
  • Facility Ship To Has Smarter Fill In Based on Employee Access Rights
  • PO Can Use Employee Initials for Number Prefix or Suffix When Generating a PO Number
  • Ability to Automatically Remove Items From a PO if None are Ordered
  • During PO Approval, Option to Allow Update of Vendor Product Cost with Cost Overrides
  • During PO Approval, Vendor Product Effective Price Costs are Evaluated and Updated
  • During PO Input, for Products whose SKU Method is UOM, an Attempt is Made to Only Load SKUs Matching Allocated UOM
  • Added Product Attribute 1 to Product Grid and Product Pick List Tooltips
  • Added Product Attribute 1 in Header Information on Form
  • Reorganized Layout of Second Tab and Renamed This Tab to "More". Made "Options" a Hyperlink on This Tab
  • Added "Options" Hyperlink to "Details" Tab
  • Detail Tab Suppresses Retail Column and Totals for Food and General Supply Vendors Who Do Not Require Retail Pricing

Purchase Order Cancellations

  • New PO Cancellation Form
  • Cancels POs Based On Employee Access Rights
  • Includes Options to Filter Cancellations by Facility or Vendor
  • Cancel Rules Based on Vendor Settings Rather Than Single System Wide Settings

Warehouse Locations

  • Ability to Archive Warehouse Locations, Removing Them from Pick Lists
  • New Inventory Utility to Rank Warehouse Locations. Rules Can Be Set Based on Values Such As "Last Date Received" or "Location Name"
  • During Transfer Out from a Warehouse, System Can Auto Select a Location Based on Location Ranking
  • Location "Z" on the Facility Location Form now Supports a pick type of "Pick" or "Bulk"

POS Improvements

  • Infogenesis Export Now Supports Tax Included
  • Par-SMS Export Now Supports Employee Comp Plans and Department
  • New Scale Export Standard for Avery Berkel Deli Scales

Inventory Reports

  • Several New Inventory Reports
    • XDOW01 - Day of Week and Item Forecast - Intended for Food Forecasting
    • XDOW02 - Average Day of Week Item Sales - Average Week and Day Totals
    • L101 - Problem Margin List by MFR by SubClass by Product by Item - Intended for Determining Miss-Priced Items
    • L102 - Problem Margin List, Grouped by SubClass, Ranked by Problem - Intended for Determining Miss-Priced Items
    • D009 - Basic Min/Max Report - Plan Period is Selected. Summary Shows Only Items with Need. No Forecasting
    • D010 - Min/Max with Warehouse and OnOrder Detail SubReport - Summary Shows Need >0 and Warehouse = 0

System House Keeping

  • Logged Files Now Auto Archive When Larger than 100K in Size
  • Email of Sales Problems Now Limited to Once Every Day