DataWorks’ NeXT® Inventory Software Installed at Award-Winning Ameristar Casinos

DataWorks’ NeXT® Inventory Software Installed at Award-Winning Ameristar Casinos

DataWorks' NeXT software implemented at all six United States Ameristar Casinos.

DataWorks, Inc., developer of NeXT® inventory control software, is proud to announce the recent implementation of DataWorks' NeXT software to all six of the famed Ameristar Casinos located in the United States.

Ameristar Casinos is a leading gaming and entertainment company with corporate headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, and additional properties located in cities nationwide. Long-time users of DataWorks original ARMS system, Ameristar felt "a need to be on the cutting edge of retail," according to Daiva Kasemekas, Business Systems Manager for Ameristar. This imperative, along with the need for increased reporting and inventory tracking, were among the main reasons for the inventory software upgrade to NeXT. The software allows for ease of information input with elaborate tracking and reporting functions.

"The reporting has brought us to a new business level," said Kasemekas. "We are able to outline our needs, control our inventory, and make better buying decisions based on the information easily provided us through the software."

DataWorks installed the enterprise edition of Scaled Sardine [v6] with dual interfaces across the Ameristar network to preexisting InfoGenesis and Micros POS systems. Also activated were multiple access groups and levels of user rights for complete system control across all levels of the supply chain. Legacy data was converted out of Ameristar's existing ARMS inventory software system. DataWorks engineers re-mapped merchandise categories, and then did an incremental data update just prior to the software 'Go Live.'

"We began the upgrade process with Ameristar by conducting demos, providing quotes and answering RFIs in late 2008," recounts Chuck Ginsberg, Chief Operating Officer for DataWorks. "Almost a year later, after investigating other systems, the Ameristar team chose to retain DataWorks and upgrade to NeXT. They also added their newest property, East Chicago, to the enterprise system, bringing their total sites implementing NeXT to six." Ginsberg continued, "We couldn't be happier to continue our partnership and provide our expertise to further enhance their retail operations."

"Everyone at DataWorks has done an outstanding job helping resolve any issues and leading us to results in a timely manner," adds Kasemekas. "DataWorks has a great team of individuals that led our company completely through the entire process of new software every step of the way."

About Ameristar Casinos: Ameristar Casinos, Inc. is a leading Las Vegas-based gaming and entertainment company known for its premier properties characterized by state-of-the-art casino floors and superior dining, lodging and entertainment offerings. Ameristar's focus on the total entertainment experience and the highest quality guest service has earned it leading market share positions in the markets in which it operates. Founded in 1954 in Jackpot, Nevada, their 6 casinos across the United States have received numerous prestigious industry awards. Ameristar strives to improve the quality of life in the communities where they are located and generously support charitable giving opportunities. For more information about Ameristar Casinos, visit

About DataWorks: DataWorks has excelled in helping customers streamline their inventory operations since 1986. DataWorks' inventory software, NeXT, offers purchasing, inventory, sales and bar-coding for retail and F&B management. Amusement parks, casinos, hospitals, museums, resorts, stadiums, and zoos are among the types of properties that currently use DataWorks' flagship inventory software NeXT. The feature-rich inventory software has multi-company, language, and currency capabilities. NeXT can run on a local property or span the needs of an entire enterprise.

DataWorks is a leader in providing inventory management solutions for the hospitality and entertainment industries. NeXT is sought out by clients for:

  • Retail Back Office
  • Hospitality Back Office
  • Retail Inventory Control
  • F&B Inventory Control
  • MICROS Retail Interface
  • Retail Purchasing
  • Hospitality Purchasing
  • Open-To-Buy
  • Suggested Orders

DataWorks partners with all of the leading point-of-sale providers including: InfoGenesis, MICROS®, HSI, ResortSuite, SpaSoft, PAR Springer-Miller, Siriusware, Gateway Ticketing, and Volante.

For more information about DataWorks and NeXT, visit www.dataworksinc.comor call 239-444-1053.