Back Home after 465 days

(Bonita Springs, Fl) Dataworks has finally returned to its corporate offices after being displaced by Hurricane Charlie.

On August 13th, 2004, Hurricane Charlie roared through South-West Florida, causing structual damage to the roof and windows of Dataworks corporate offices in Bonita Springs, Florida. After 15 months of temporary housing, Staff members returned to work on November 28th, 2005.

Dataworks made use of many virtual office and internet technologies during its diaspora. VOIP Phone technology by Inter-Tel, Citrix Server, GoTo Products, Groove Software, and daily all-hands-on-deck conference calls kept the software development company running

"The toughest part of our homelessness was training new staff", said Mark Cecil, founder and CEO of the 19 year old company.

"Culture is built upon place and people. Without a home is was difficult to give a new hire a sense of what they belonged to and were working for. But once we settled into some temporary housing and began our daily vitual meetings, we got a rhythm going again."

In the wake of the Hurricane, the software company took additional steps to prevent an interruption of business in the future. The company moved all of its servers and data into an off-site secured data center operated by US-Lec. This bunker gives the companies employee and customers additonal reserves in case of Intenet or power black-outs.