Dataworks Adopts GoTo* Products

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After a seven month test, Dataworks, Inc has selected a suite of secure remote access options from Citrix Systems, Inc (Nasdaq: CTXS). These security minded, web based products are called GoToMyPC Corporate and GoToAssist. The GoTo* products have enabled Datawork support staff to connect in a fast, reliable and secure manner to end users sites. Support Staff can provide support when ever they have internet access. Mark Cecil, CEO of Dataworks stated, "I know security is on everyone's mind - and it should be - so I feel especially happy about using these products. Citrix has done their homework and they have gotten in right." Laura Dywer, Directory of Customer Support echoed Cecil's comments, "We have been using the GoTo products on all new installs since July of 2005 and the results have been fantastic. The most amazing fact is that our open support cases have dropped 80 Percent." Dataworks has purchased over 250 licenses of the Goto Corporate product and is actively replacing PC-Anywhere installations with these products. For more introduction about the GoTo* products visit the Web Site :